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Make It Easy For Your Supplier In China To Contact You

Remember, during this summer season, make it easy for your supplier in China to contact you.

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A Series of Disconnected Steps

Very little in China is viewed as a whole. Tasks and jobs are approached and handled as a series of disconnected steps. Each step is an end to itself instead of viewed in context and handled in context as parts … Continue Reading

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China Sourcing Requires a Different Way of Thinking

You have to change your thought process when dealing with China and in turn Chinese vendors. You’re not buying from local suppliers who are accustomed to your buying habits or are in agreement with “how things should go in the … Continue Reading

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Red Flags in China Manufacturing

Here are some red flags to look out for in your China Manufacturing projects. In the quoting, sampling phases or during the mass production process, if you see these flags, be on point and change your course as necessary.

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