Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog and for checking out the “About” page.

Originally from the western part of North Carolina (the Foothills), I’m now based on the coast at the Southern Outer Banks.

My family and I arrived to our new home in the USA on Jan 1st, 2012, after living and working in China from 2001 to 2011.  It was a wild decade to say the least.  Many of my posts will focus on China, China life and China business.  My life still revolves around China; whereas, I work in manufacturing, my wife is Chinese, and China is a big part of global life in today’s world.

This blog documents my life from the perspective of being in China to returning after 10 years.  What’s the business environment like in the USA, particularly the South? After being in the “factory trenches” for so long, what’s it like on this end of the shipment?

An import/export-business owner in the South, who once was abroad, returned home and now his wife is the expat…that’s me.

My blogging goal is to meet genuine folks.  I hope to have a good time online and more importantly move the relationships in to “real time” through business, networking and friendships.

Looking forward to sharing….


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